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2008 James Barnet Award
Australian Institute of Architects
NSW Country Division

For outstanding work of architecture by a country division member

2008 Non-Residential Architecture
Australian Institute of Architects
NSW Country Division

For Zero Emission Office Building
64 Albany St, Coffs Harbour


My name is Reiner Schimminger, I have been a practicing architect for a long time and a builder for two decades.

I am the father of two daughters and as you may guess from my name I have German ancestry. Once upon a time I was as an ambassador of Al Gore’s Climate Project, a climate change campaigner and local organiser of 350.org events.

This changed with the much anticipated 2010 IPCC Copenhagen Climate Conference and its spectacular failure. It sent me into a state of despair. I did not want to talk about Climate Change any more.

I needed something tangible, something I could manifest using my skill as Architect and Builder.

A project that would be comprehensive in its approach, and walk to the edge of the most advanced measures of sustainability possible in the built environment today.

A project that would demonstrate and share how a good life is possible without wrecking the planet, in fact restoring Earth towards a liveable future.

Exquisite sufficiency.

This is how City of Hope was born.
It is an antidote to the despair of the time.

With hopes and wishes for good times ahead,